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Indoor Auditorium Services at 9:00AM & 10:30AM.

West of Bethlehem, a one act-play with music by Ethan Norman, offers your fellowship, in the midst of a busy season, a reminder to remember the beauty, majesty, and perfection of the story God gave us. A story where God’s majestic birth announcement, came to whom the world would call “the lowest of the low.”

West of Bethlehem focuses on the powerful contrast in the imagery of the Shepherds. In the Kingdom of God, the Shepherd is an honored title and a picture of leadership. In the kingdom of men, Shepherds are the dregs of society and shepherding is a task of drudgery with little personal gain. We delve into this example for us in Christ as it plays out in the Christmas story, with laughter and with heaviness at moments.

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